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The website advertises 21 business day deliveries but that has not been my experience.

My first correspondence to Dining Room Superstore call center was August 6. I was advised that 1) orders can take up to six weeks to be delivered from the manufacturer and 2) my order was placed less then 21 business days ago; so I should check back.

On August 13, I contacted the call center and was advised they'd check the status of my order, then I was sent an email stating the furniture would ship the week of September 7. No explanation as to why there was a delay.

On September 4, I sent an email requesting status (I had not heard from ANYONE since 8/14/07). I did not get a response so I called in. I was advised there were notes stating my order was again delayed until the week of October 3rd. No one gave me the courtesy of either a phone call or email.

On October 4, I receive an email stating that my furniture delivery was put on an extended backorder. The manufacturer of the furniture had not specified a reason for the backorder. Further, they had a call scheduled in 2 weeks with the manufacturer at which time they'd give me status. This was unacceptable so I sent an email, as I was instructed to do, to cancel the order. I did not get a response (Again) so I contacted the call center. I was asked to resend the email directly then she would cancel the order, which she did. October 9, I called to check the status of my refund and was told it would take up to 2 cycles; a crafty way of saying 60 days! I asked to speak with a manager but was advised they work 8a - 5p. I was given the manager's name as the person to contact. When I called the next day, I was told she was not available and transferred to the clerk I first spoke with in August who did absolutely nothing. I was given the email address of the owner of the company Jayson Atchinson

It took 24 hours to debit my account! I emailed Jayson Atchinson CEO of the company on 10/10/07 and outlined the events listed. He promised to cut a check by Friday 10/12/07. I have emailed him 5 times now for status (last time 10/30) but have yet to receive my refund.

According to the BBB, there have been 37 complaints against Dining Room Superstore in the last 36 months.

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Pomona, New York, United States #12328

Dining Room Super Store, was a different company than Jay’s Furniture Barn, they were renting space in the same building and purchasing some inventory from them to fill orders.I was not the owner of this company and was doing by best to follow the policies set forth by the owner.

I deeply regret any hassles or loss caused Dining Room Super Store is no longer in business, I truly believed in the business and thought it had a chance to be very successful, however with the down turn in housing and rapidly rising transportation costs the owner was put in a very difficult position and forced to close.

Jayson Atchinson

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