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Dining Room Superstore / Jay's Furniture Barn in Elwell, MI are listed as the same on their Western Michigan BBB sheet, which now has over 100 complaints since Jan 3, 2008. Dining Room Superstore - they say - is no longer in business? Jay's Furniture Barn (or just Jay's Furniture - they play this game!) is!!!

Go to the search engine, put in Jay's Furniture Barn, and get the City Search site for Elwell, MI. They are actually asking for us write a Review of Jay's(DRS)!!! The site must have it's problems, because it has thus far kicked me off. Maybe they know what's coming!!!

Let's give them some reviews, folks!!!

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Pomona, New York, United States #31789

I am personally trying to refund anyone who purchased from Dining Room Super Store, (out of my own pocket). If you have not been able to obtain a refund from your CC company please follow these instructions. Thank you Jayson

If you are due a refund from DiningRoom Super Store LLC. I suggest you contact the issuing bank of your credit card that purchase was made with. If your card company is unable to issue your refund, E-mail a copy of our order along with the type of card that was used, (not the card #), to the address listed below. I will do everything in our power to refund your monies as soon as possible


These people are absolutely terrible!straight up stealing from honest good people.

i have the same exact story as everyone else. ordered something, never got it. spoke with them several times, etc etc. Never was refunded.

i have filed a complaint as well witht he BBB and the local sheriff department.

I can't believe that they have not been convicted and arrested yet!they deserve to be locked up for a VERY long time!

Guilderland, New York, United States #18603

Jayson Atchinson......what a pack of lies!!I ordered from dining room superstore and NEVER received the item I ordered.

After speaking with YOUR customer service reps..I was told that you, Jayson Atchinson, was the owner of dining room superstore. I emailed you several times and you replied (once) and promised that my item was going to be delivered. Guess what never was. My voice messages and emails were never returned.

I filed a claim with BBB and the Internet Fraud dept of FBI and they still never replied.

Finally my credit card company refunded my payment.

Jayson Atchinson IS in fact the owner of dining room superstore.Don't be tricked!

Pomona, New York, United States #12329

All consumers have been either given a refund or provide with information on how to get there money back.Dining Room Super Store, was a different company than Jay’s Furniture Barn, they were renting space in the same building and purchasing some inventory from them to fill orders.

I was not the owner of this company and was doing by best to follow the policies set forth by the owner. I deeply regret any hassles or loss caused Dining Room Super Store.

Dining Room Super Store is no longer in business, I truly believed in the business and thought it had a chance to be very successful, however with the down turn in housing and rapidly rising transportation costs the owner was put in a very difficult position and forced to close.

Jayson Atchinson

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