Dining Room Super Store - Dining Room Superstore / Jay's Furniture Barn

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Dining Room Superstore / Jay's Furniture Barn in Elwell, MI are listed as the same on their Western Michigan BBB sheet, which now has over 100 complaints since Jan 3, 2008. Dining Room Superstore - they say - is no longer in business? Jay's Furniture Barn (or just Jay's Furniture - they play this game!) is!!!

Go to the search engine, put in Jay's Furniture Barn, and get the City Search site for Elwell, MI. They are actually asking for us write a Review of Jay's(DRS)!!! The site must have it's problems, because it has thus far kicked me off. Maybe they know what's coming!!!

Let's give them some reviews, folks!!!

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Pomona, New York, United States #31789

I am personally trying to refund anyone who purchased from Dining Room Super Store, (out of my own pocket). If you have not been able to obtain a refund from your CC company please follow these instructions. Thank you Jayson

If you are due a refund from DiningRoom Super Store LLC. I suggest you contact the issuing bank of your credit card that purchase was made with. If your card company is unable to issue your refund, E-mail a copy of our order along with the type of card that was used, (not the card #), to the address listed below. I will do everything in our power to refund your monies as soon as possible



These people are absolutely terrible!straight up stealing from honest good people.

i have the same exact story as everyone else. ordered something, never got it. spoke with them several times, etc etc. Never was refunded.

i have filed a complaint as well witht he BBB and the local sheriff department.

I can't believe that they have not been convicted and arrested yet!they deserve to be locked up for a VERY long time!

Guilderland, New York, United States #18603

Jayson Atchinson......what a pack of lies!!I ordered from dining room superstore and NEVER received the item I ordered.

After speaking with YOUR customer service reps..I was told that you, Jayson Atchinson, was the owner of dining room superstore. I emailed you several times and you replied (once) and promised that my item was going to be delivered. Guess what folks...it never was. My voice messages and emails were never returned.

I filed a claim with BBB and the Internet Fraud dept of FBI and they still never replied.

Finally my credit card company refunded my payment.

Jayson Atchinson IS in fact the owner of dining room superstore.Don't be tricked!

Pomona, New York, United States #12329

All consumers have been either given a refund or provide with information on how to get there money back.Dining Room Super Store, was a different company than Jay’s Furniture Barn, they were renting space in the same building and purchasing some inventory from them to fill orders.

I was not the owner of this company and was doing by best to follow the policies set forth by the owner. I deeply regret any hassles or loss caused Dining Room Super Store.

Dining Room Super Store is no longer in business, I truly believed in the business and thought it had a chance to be very successful, however with the down turn in housing and rapidly rising transportation costs the owner was put in a very difficult position and forced to close.

Jayson Atchinson

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Dining Room Super Store - Dining Room Superstore - Out of Business???

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I ordered from DRS almost a year ago - May 12, 2008. My experience sounds the same as the others: many scheduled delivery dates, no return phone calls, extended back orders, promises, promises, promises, but no furniture!!! From Jan. 08 - March 08 they had 94 complaints to the MI BBB.

I have now received word from the SC Consumer Affairs agency that they are "out of business" (the Only response we ever received from them to any of 5 consumer agencies about my claim). SCCA included a list of many creditors to which they owe mega bucks, saying that there are no funds to repay their debts.

I'm having trouble beliving they will stay out of business as their biggest supposed creditor is their own brick and mortar business in Niles, MI. - Jay's Furniture. They have dissapeared from the web, but I'm asking everyone else who was taken by Jay Atchinson/DRS to watch the web for another business which should pop up any day now.

They are located in Niles, MI, Elwell, MI, and assorted other addresses in MI, and the Owner and CEO's were Jay Atchinson and Jayson Atchinson.

I also suggest that you go back to your CC company and give them this new info (Check with the Western Michigan BBB under DRS or Jay's Furniture) and it will show the "out of business" info. Also, if anyone is with Angie's List in their area of Michigan, file a complaint there please!!!

The BBB has sent their files on DRS to the Michigan Atty. General, so file a claim there also. There may be some final recourse. Class action, anyone?

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Dining Room Super Store - Diningroomsuperstore is a rip off

Omaha, Nebraska 0 comments

I ordered a dining set from Diningroomsuperstore in jan 08.Whenever I called to ask about a status they would give me the run around.

After waiting for 8 weeks and not gfetting and good answers about where my table was I called to my credit card to dispute the charge. What I found is that if you wait longer then 60 days to put in the dispute they can not help you. In March08 when I contacted the BBB the BBB reported that the company was closing it's doors and their customers would hear form their lawyer soon.

It has now been a month and I have not recieved anything from a lawyer and the website is still up and running.Please do not order from this company you will lose your money, I lost $1000.00

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Dining Room Super Store - Dining Room Superstore aka Jay = Shister!

Los Angeles, California 1 comment
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The website advertises 21 business day deliveries but that has not been my experience.

My first correspondence to Dining Room Superstore call center was August 6. I was advised that 1) orders can take up to six weeks to be delivered from the manufacturer and 2) my order was placed less then 21 business days ago; so I should check back.

On August 13, I contacted the call center and was advised they'd check the status of my order, then I was sent an email stating the furniture would ship the week of September 7. No explanation as to why there was a delay.

On September 4, I sent an email requesting status (I had not heard from ANYONE since 8/14/07). I did not get a response so I called in. I was advised there were notes stating my order was again delayed until the week of October 3rd. No one gave me the courtesy of either a phone call or email.

On October 4, I receive an email stating that my furniture delivery was put on an extended backorder. The manufacturer of the furniture had not specified a reason for the backorder. Further, they had a call scheduled in 2 weeks with the manufacturer at which time they'd give me status. This was unacceptable so I sent an email, as I was instructed to do, to cancel the order. I did not get a response (Again) so I contacted the call center. I was asked to resend the email directly then she would cancel the order, which she did. October 9, I called to check the status of my refund and was told it would take up to 2 cycles; a crafty way of saying 60 days! I asked to speak with a manager but was advised they work 8a - 5p. I was given the manager's name as the person to contact. When I called the next day, I was told she was not available and transferred to the clerk I first spoke with in August who did absolutely nothing. I was given the email address of the owner of the company Jayson Atchinson

It took 24 hours to debit my account! I emailed Jayson Atchinson CEO of the company on 10/10/07 and outlined the events listed. He promised to cut a check by Friday 10/12/07. I have emailed him 5 times now for status (last time 10/30) but have yet to receive my refund.

According to the BBB, there have been 37 complaints against Dining Room Superstore in the last 36 months.

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Pomona, New York, United States #12328

Dining Room Super Store, was a different company than Jay’s Furniture Barn, they were renting space in the same building and purchasing some inventory from them to fill orders.I was not the owner of this company and was doing by best to follow the policies set forth by the owner.

I deeply regret any hassles or loss caused Dining Room Super Store is no longer in business, I truly believed in the business and thought it had a chance to be very successful, however with the down turn in housing and rapidly rising transportation costs the owner was put in a very difficult position and forced to close.

Jayson Atchinson

Dining Room Super Store - BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!THEY ARE CROOKS

Mokena, Illinois 1 comment
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I placed an order on 3/9/07.I never rec'd my order so I cancelled on 8/9/07.

I contacted the BBB (they did nothing) I also contacted the States Attorney in Mich and IL and the company never replied to them.

To this date (3/4/08) I have never rec'd my refund. Do Not Buy From This Company. This is a FRAUD!!!

There should be some way a consumer can get some satisfaction, even if it is a class action suit against the company.


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Dining Room Super Store - DinningroomSuperStore Never Recieved Merchandise after 6 months they drop your file and keep your $

Nashville, Tennessee 0 comments
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Do not buy from this site.I ordered in Oct of 07 it is now Feb o8.

Jayson Atchinson CEO is a CROOK! Lies, Lies and more LIES from his phone service personal. His emails to me were filled with undertones as in he is laughing all the way to the bank. A crook who has no sense off morals.

BBB is aware but not force full enough to stop this e-commerce SCAM artist. Please DO NOT ORDER from this site and let others know you are just throwing away your money if you do.

Buyer Beware of Jays Furniture barn as well!

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Dining Room Super Store - Diningroomsuperstore.com Unethical

Langley, Washington 1 comment
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This company did not inform me that the purchase I made was on extended backorder until I inquired about the shipping date two months later.It has been six months!

They will not refund my money without making me give them 20% of what I paid. How does this make sense? Nor have they ever addressed to resolve my concerns from my countless e-mails. They also did not respond to the Better Business Bureau complaint I filed or the Attorney General complaint I filed.

They are stealing money from consumers by not producing the goods that we have trustingly purchased from them. Do not buy anything from diningroomsuperstore.com unless you want to give them money for nothing in return.

Please Beware of this company's unethical business practices!

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Norridge, Illinois, United States #19665

They filed for bankruptsy back in March or April sometime.Call Mr.

Jayson Atchinson (CEO of DRS) at their brick and mortar store: Jay's Furniture in Niles, MIchigan. Don't be surprized if he is NEVER there after your 1st call!!! I have asked for my file with the BBB to go to the Michigan AG.

Good luck!:sigh


Canton, Georgia 0 comments

I placed an order on 9-17-07 and was to receive shipment in 4 - 6 weeks. On dec. 12, 2007 I cancelled my order and requested an immediate refund.

The staff has been rude and continued to lie endlessly!! I have been made promises of shipping and of information which neither was received. I have been put into voice mails because they did not want to deal with me. They have never returned a call.

Do not buy from this company!!!!

I pray I get my refund and if I do not, my employer's attorney will try to help me.

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Dining Room Super Store - Zero Stars DiningroomSuperstore

Houston, Texas 3 comments
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I ordered chairs in February 2007. I got the run around about them, order problems, manufacturing problems, cargo problems. I finally said forget it, just give me my money back in June. The said it would take 2 months. I fought and finally they said that they would refund me at once and said they did. I waited and checked my credit card and no refund. I called and they tried again. Then they said that the company that processes the credit cards was having trouble. Then they said they would send a check refund. Then they said they did send it complete with a check number. I never got it, surprize. Then they said I would get a check after labor day. It is now October and they still have not sent any check. It have been 9 months and I still don't have my money back. Then they said that they would again refund my credit card. As of November they have yet to do anything!! PLEASE DO NO BUY FROM DININGROOM SUPERSTORE!!!!!!

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Springfield, Vermont, United States #10318

I had the same problem. My credit card company followed up on it and credited my account for the full amount since I had a long list of e-mails and phone calls and of course DiningroomSuperstore could not show that any attempt had been made to actually fill my order. I bought a set locally...not quite what I had hoped I would get but at least I have a table to eat at now!!!

Harvest, Alabama, United States #1663

I also am having the same problem.I don't think we are alone either.

On www.merchantcircle.com you will see others like us.

Please contact the Attorney General of Michigan State and file a complaint.Maybe if enough of us complain they will actually do something to stop this business.

Gardendale, Alabama, United States #1645


Dining Room Super Store Rip Off

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On July 7, 2007 I ordered a Cramco Element Dining Room table with 6 chairs, item # 51cra-B1, from the Diningroomsuperstore.com for $837.83.It was charged to my Discover Credit Card.

I was told I could expect delivery in 4-6 weeks. After 7 weeks I called and was told it was back ordered at the factory, and delivery would occur until after Sept 15, 2007. I called after the 15th, and was told they would get back to me in another two weeks. After three weeks, Oct 5th, I called again and was told the factory said it was still backordered and they would get back to me in two more weeks.

I then called the Cramco Factory and was told there were no backorders for the Diningroomsuperstore and I should contact the store. I called both the Diningroomsuperstore and Jay's Furniture Barn asking to speak to the owner or a manager and was told they were not availible, to leave my number and they would call, it has been five days and still no calls.

3 Months, No Delivery and they charged my Credit Card back in July, I small a scam.


Harvest, Alabama, United States #1681

This is happening to me and many others as well. Please contact the Attorney General of Michigan State and file a consumer complaint. You can do it online and maybe if enough of us complain they can help us stop this business from scamming people.

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